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The storage of vaccines or products such as enzymes, blood plasma and reserve samples require very low temperatures, sometimes below -80 ° C. These ULT (=  Ultra-Low Temperature) applications need reliable and efficient refrigeration. Many system manufacturers use the synthetic refrigerant R23 (GWP of 14,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalent), which in the case of a leak has a massive impact on the climate and  which is in addition very likely to be banned in the near future. In order to offer an alternative to the critical refrigerant R23, Refolution has teamed up with KTI-Plersch, Secon and Mirai Intex to design an efficient, mobile and environmentally friendly ultra-low temperature storage based on the air cycle technology developed by Mirai Intex.


KTI-Plersch now offers a mobile ultra-low temperature container, which was developed in cooperation. It  meets the jointly defined, high requirements of our team consisting of refrigeration experts.


The container is divided into three compartments:

1) Air Lock: Air lock which is actively cooled by a R744 cooling unit in order to reduce the humidity in the main chamber and to avoid considerable energy losses during loading and unloading.

2) Main chamber: The main chamber is reliably cooled by the Mirai intex air cycle machine from -30 °C to -110 °C using only ambient air. The main chamber also has an installed air shield which reduces transmission and increases efficiency.


3) Machine room: It is located in the rear part of the container, in which the refrigeration systems and control cabinets are located.

The air cycle technology is frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its failure safety. Thus ULT storage rooms and pharmaceutical processes such as freeze drying and solvent recovery are based on this forward-looking technology.

Thanks to the innovative approach using exclusively natural refrigerants, the customer has planning security and is not subject to the restrictions of the F-gas regulation 517/2014 / EU. Compared to synthetic refrigerants, natural refrigerants contribute almost nothing to the greenhouse effect and are therefore much more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, air cycle technology is the most efficient choice for applications which need temperatures between -50 ° C and -115 ° C.

Project partner


Gebr. Thomaidis

Experte für Internationale Logistik & Vermarktung.



Experte für Propan-Kälteanlagen und Kühlwassersätze. Vertreibt Kaltluftkältemaschinen in der DACH-Region.


Mirai Intex

Mirai Intex ist der Hersteller der Kaltlufttechnik mit dem luftgelagertem Turboverdichter-expander.

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