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Refolution in solvent recovery

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Together with our customer HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, we have developed a new process for recycling solvents from exhaust gas flows.


With the process, different solvents such as acetone, ethanol and dichlormethan can be condensed out of one or several waste gas streams and recycled. In addition, the system can be equipped with special alternating heat exchangers and a regeneration cycle in the case of water damp in the exhaust gases such as those from upstream washers. The cooling is realised with only natural refrigerants without liquid nitrogen. The ultra-low stage is with the oil free air refrigeration machine from Mirai Intex.




The advantages:


  • Recycling of solvents up to 99% - hardly any purchase of new solvents

  • Efficient exhaust gas cleaning in compliance with TA Luft and other regulations

  • Infinitely variable output with efficient partial load behavior

  • Environmentally friendly and safe with the refrigerant air with GWP 0 and maximum pressures of 10 barg

  • Future-proof, as there are no environmental regulations that are relevant for refrigeration technology

  • Free and freely available refrigerant

  • No risk of suffocation and no risk of explosion

  • Redundant and fail-safe system design

  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting technology - oil-free turbo machine

  • Energy efficient

Project partner



HOF builds the new solvent liquefaction plants



The cold air technology from Mirai Intex can be purchased from Secon GmbH in Germany.


Mirai Intex

Mirai Intex is the manufacturer of cold air technology with the air-bearing turbo compressor expander.


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