Ultra-Low temperature storage

With our expertise in the fields of refrigeration, plant construction and project management we have developed ultra-low temperature storage solutions that meet our values. The demand for cold stores with temperatures below -40°C is growing especially for COVID-19 vaccine on -80°C storage. Therefore we are presenting our efficient, fail-safe, environmentally friendly and safe solution.



3D model of low-temperature storage room with cold air refrigeration machines (Mirai Intex), air distribution system and moisture extraction device inside the cold room

In addition to storage temperature, temperature tolerance, electrical installations and  loading and unloading procedures, the specific surface area has a significant impact on the energy consumption of the storage room. The most stating parameter is the ratio of the storage volume to the external surface (= specific surface). When comparing many, individual refrigerators to one large storage room this factor can lead to a 10 times higher energy consumption.


An example is given by comparing the emperor penguin living in Antarctica with an African penguin. The African penguin would freeze to death in the Antarctic in a very short time as its specific surface area is twice as large. On the other hand, the emperor penguin can survive because it only needs half as much energy per body volume for heating his body.

Did you know?



Our cryogenic storage room can stably realize any temperature from -40 ° C to -110 ° C. It is controlled by a
S7 1200 (Siemens) which can be easily integrated into a superordinate system. For the lighting energy-efficient LEDs are used. The insulation consists of extremely stable, efficient and low on thermal bridges low-temperature insulation panels with PU foam, integrated vacuum panels and hook fasteners. Optionally we are able to design the storage rooms with an automatic door system, skirting protection, redundancy (N + 1) and with a surrounding steel frame for transport purposes.


A highlight is the refrigeration system which, thanks to the Mirai Intex air cycle refrigeration machines, guarantees stable temperatures, needs no oil, uses air as refrigerant, is particularly fail-safe and efficient and needs  very low effort maintenance only. Due to the maximum gauge pressure of 1 bar as well as air as the refrigerant the machine is outstandingly safe. Inside the air cycle refrigeration machine is a de-icing system installed which removes moisture from the air of the cold-storage room and thereby lowers the dew point by up to 20 K. This exceptionally dry air reduces the formation of ice on the refrigerated goods.


For more information on the technology visit our air refrigeration page. If you would like to find out more about the energy efficiency check out our ULT-report.





Emperor penguin


specific surface

Energy consumption

per body volume


African penguin


specific surface

Energy consumption

per body volume


One big storage


specific surface

Energy consumption

per storage volume


Many, small refrigerators


specific surface

Energy consumption

per storage volume

This applies equally for the storage:

The advantages at a glance


Low maintenance

no leakage test, compressor with air-bearing

= no wear, no oil



Speed controlled,

no evaporator, enegery recovery with expander-turbounit, low spec. surface


Environmentally friendly

Air as refrigerant = no GWP, no ODP, non-toxic and environmentally friendly


Future proof

Air is free, safe and has no regulations



No failure by liquid refrigerant getting in the compressor or underpressue in the system



simple construction, continuously adjustable temperature range from -40 ° C to -110 ° C


Safe for people and the environment

low process pressures of 1 barg with only air as refrigerant


Long lasting

Wear-free centrifugal compressor

Project example


This principle sketch shows the construction of a low temperature storage room. It is equipped with a sluice, LEDs and an open, water-cooled Mirai Intex air cycle refrigeration machine. The system is mounted on a completely surrounding steel frame, which is also suitable for the transport by crane or truck. The storage room is optimized for short delivery times with maximum flexibility.


Key data:

  • Storage volume: 39 m³

  • Cooling capacity: up to 5.4 kW

  • Temperature range: -110 ° C - -40 ° C, optimized for -80 ° C storage

  • Delivery time: approx. 10 weeks after technical and commercial clarification

  • Refrigeration machine: MIRAI Intex MC10 O/W

  • Dimensions of usable space (L x W x H): 5.6 x 2.68 x 2.6 m


Due to the staggered slucie it is possible despite using e.g. a lifting cart for easy hauling. At the same time energy-efficient LED's illuminate the interior.

The dry cooler for the cooling water is located inside the housing but can also be installed on the outside so that it can be integrated in a pipe system to reduce waste heat entering the room of installation if necessary.




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