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Refolution in the Lyophilization


Together with our customer HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH and the project partners Secon and Mirai Intex, we have succeeded in revolutionizing lyophilisation.

In 2019, HOF converted a freezer dryer for insulin production from 1998 from the refrigerant R404A (GWP 3922) to the HOF-CryoBlizzard system. This is a load accumulator that is operated with several air cycle refrigeraton systems from Mirai Intex.

Freeze drying is a classic batch process, this combination allowed maximum performance to be achieved with constant electricity and cooling water consumption. For example, the ice condenser could be cold-cooled from +20°C to -80°C in just 12 minutes. This technology is therefore ideal for the use of blast freezers and central refrigeration systems.

Thanks to the modular design, the output can also be scaled variably and thus be adapted from the small freeze dryer to the central refrigeration system for entire plants.

The advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly and safe with the refrigerant air with GWP 0 and maximum pressures of 3 barg

  • Future-proof, the refrigerant air won’t be restricted

  • Free and freely available refrigerant

  • No risk of suffocation or explosion

  • High cooling capacity in batch mode

  • Consistent cooling water and electricity consumption and therefore no load peaks in the supply

  • Redundant and fail-safe system design

  • Low-maintenance and durable technology - oil-free turbomachine

  • Energy efficient

Project partner



HOF manufactures the new generation of freeze dryers and shock freezers and is also rebuilding existing plants.



Mirai Intex's air cycle refrigeration systems can be purchased from Secon GmbH in Germany.


Mirai Intex

Mirai Intex is the manufacturer air cycle refrigeration systems with the air-mounted turbo compressor expander.


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