Refolution in freezing


Together with our customer HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH and the project partners Secon and Mirai Intex, we succeeded in the revolution in the field of freezing devices.


The HOF company is a renowned manufacturer of pharmaceutical freezing and thawing devices. The aim of the devices is the regulated and reproducible freezing and thawing of products in suitable bag systems such as blood plasma. Due to the high and usually quick freezing requirements, the products are cooled by means of contact cooling on hydraulic plates.


These devices run conventionally with 2-stage refrigeration systems such as R404A or R507A. Thanks to the HOF CryoBlizzard, the system runs efficiently with only air as the refrigerant.



Performance data

  • Control range heat transfer system: -90 ° C / +40 ° C

  • Minimum shelf temperature: ≤ -90 ° C

  • Shelf cooling: +20 ° C to -60 ° C in ≤ 60 minutes (without

  • Loading)

  • Plate heating: 1.0 K / min (without load)

  • Shelf temperature distribution: +/- 1 K at +30 ° C / -15 ° C (without load, in steady state)

  • +/- 2 K at -60 ° C (without load, in steady state)


The advantages at a glance:


  • High freezing rates

  • Environmentally friendly and safe with the refrigerant air with GWP 0 and maximum pressures of 3 barg

  • Future-proof, as there are no environmental regulations relevant for refrigeration technology

  • Free and freely available refrigerant

  • No risk of suffocation and no risk of explosion

  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting technology - oil-free turbo machine

  • Energy efficient

Project partner



HOF manufactures the new generation of freeze dryers and shock freezers and also converts existing systems.



Mirai Intex's cold air technology can be purchased from Secon GmbH in Germany.


Mirai Intex

Mirai Intex is the manufacturer of cold air technology with the air-bearing turbo compressor expander.


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