Arbeiten mit Kaffee


This email is confidential and is only intended for the intended recipient. It may contain information that is restricted from being passed on, that is legally relevant and / or protected by copyright or other laws. If you are not the correct addressee or have received this e-mail in error, please inform the sender immediately and delete this e-mail from your system. The unauthorized copying as well as the unauthorized forwarding of this e-mail or individual contents are not permitted. Inadvertently sending this e-mail does not mean that the confidentiality or official secrecy has been canceled.

All emails sent and received by Refolution can be the subject of controls that are intended to ensure that internal principles are followed, that the interests of the company are protected and that any harmful file attachments are deleted. E-mails are not protected and can contain errors because they can have been intercepted, modified, lost or suppressed and they can also contain computer viruses. Everyone who communicates with our company via email accepts these risks. Powers of attorney must be checked and are available upon request.